Running is a phenomenon of our times. Everybody runs, small, tall, thin, fat … people of all ages and all performances. However, everyone wants that their athlete dream comes true. Usually without any previous experience or training knowledge. 

As a consequence, we can see exhausted runner collapsing right on the racetrack or some people who are not able to move for another two weeks. Unfortunately, it is a common phenomenon. But jogging it about a good health and happiness, called “well being” and about the feeling of freedom, which is missing for these athletes. Together with the running school of Milos Škorpil we have created new courses for jogging instructors. These instructors will be fitness professionals helping people with finding comfort, simplicity and purity of movement in running.

You can also be an instructor of running. Become it!  

Help others get well being, a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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