Fitness Professional Academy takes manpower as one of the elements of human nature. If you want to survive in today’s demanding, hectic and hard time, you must be equipped not only with the dynamics, speed, brightness, resistance again stress, but above all with the power to handle difficult moments. Natural body strength will help us to overcome challenges of our time, but we have to train it like everything in our life.

Natural training of manpower is a complex whole body workout, engaging the muscles from head to toe; titled STREET WORKOUT. Exercise of the street does not remain only on the street, but it has found its way also into indoor – the world of fitness.

The most important step in fitness and movement is the start. We will help you with this step.

Fitness Professional Academy takes street workout as a natural way to gain strength and coordination of our body. It is necessary, as with any physical activity, to know professionals and be surrounded by them. They will help us achieve smartly, quickly and efficiently our goals in exercises and strength. We offer a comprehensive service to our customers in cooperation with the manufacturer of the constructions (cages) Original Workout, accessories Lifemaxx and Crossmaxx, web community www.streetworkout.cz and experts on the strength of a human figure. Our customers, such as fitness centers, cities, sport teams and individuals acquire not only a plan how to start or develop their services, but we can provide the entire sport equipment as well as a special professional education.



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