• Fitness Profesional Academy

    Fitness Profesional Academy

    We are professionals engaged in fitness and movement from A to Z. We recognize principles of lifelong learning as well as we follow the motto “Never stop learning, life is one big lesson.”

    We provide education to all employees of the sport centers, leisure and fitness centers. The sports center works as a complex in which everyone plays an important role – no matter if they are receptionists, instructors or managers. Provide your employees and colleagues with professional fitness facilities based on the various specialized courses or the seminars as well as the continuous education with a possible membership.

    Membership in Professional Fitness Academy will help you with dividing the cost of high-quality fitness education even into 36 months, but it will also ensure the active access to current information on the fitness market.

  • Five differences

    Five differences

    • The complexity of education

      Integrity, logical structure, complexity, evolution. We do not create certificates on the spot.

    • Reason is as important as senses

      Feelings and emotions play an indispensable and primary role in the sport. Body work and mind work, spirit, knowing yourself.

    • Attention to detail

      Every little piece of a shift forward is important. Detail drawn education form a whole. We create perfectly and professionally prepared athletes.

    • Everyone can be educated

      Do not determine the boundaries, we do not set limits. On the contrary, we attach the same importance as tutor to the receptionist.

    • We go forward

      We go forward with a healthy natural way.

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